Frooza Clarke won a scholarship to study Art in London obtaining degrees in Graphic Design and Fine Art.

Born in South west Iran, she has lived in London most of her life as well as living and working for a period of time in New York and Sydney. Her work is mainly based on her general ideas combined with memory or personal themes such as identity, often grouped in themes but each work must posses it's own character and existence as a metaphorical indication of her deeper purpose in the painting. She has exhibited in commercial galleries, private venues and large city firms such as Lloyds of London and Withers LLP at 16 Old Bailey. Also, at Affordable Art Fair and London Art Fair.

She works in representational or abstract form mainly in Mixed media, Relief type collages of cut out canvas combined with oil and egg tempera.

Frooza lives and works in London.
Studio: Acava Studios ( Association for Cultural Advancement through Visual Art), London.

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